Piano restoration

Whether a piano needs to be repaired, touched-up or completely stripped and re-polished, we can help. We provide modern and antique piano restoration work to grand pianos of numerous sizes, upright and square pianos, as well as harpsichords.

Antique piano restoration of Challen mahogany baby grand pianoChallen Mahogany Baby Grand Piano

This Challen baby grand piano, from the heyday of piano manufacturing between 1900 and 1930, was heavily worn and perished through years of good use. The owners' son,Chris Martin of the band Coldplay, had learned to play on this very piano during his childhood, so when his parents moved from the family home he decided to restore and move it to his own home in London. Knowing the piano would go to an owner who would continue to use it with enjoyment simply added to the pleasure of bringing back to life such a magnificent example of a Challen piano.

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Piano restoration of a Charles Russell burl-walnut baby grand piano

Charles Russell Burl-Walnut Baby Grand Piano

This wonderful example of a Burl-walnut baby grand piano from the beginning of the 1900s was restored and brought back to life after many years sitting in front of a large window exposed to sunlight. It had severely faded sides and perished surfaces, as well as a badly scratched top from years of use. It was an absolute pleasure to restore the Burl-walnut surfaces and to conserve such a fine example of Charles Russell's work.

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