How to repair and restore a piano

We have a vast array of experience working on grand pianos of numerous sizes, upright and square pianos, as well as harpsichords. Here we answer some commonly asked questions:


Can both modern and antique pianos be repaired and restored?

Yes. We provide both modern and antique piano restoration work. Whether a piano needs to be repaired, touched-up or completely stripped and re-polished, we can help.

Antique piano restoration of a Challen mahogany baby grand piano

How is a restoration best approached?

Restoration can be delivered in many ways, depending on what is required. We are able to carry out minor repairs to veneered surfaces and to freshen up an existing finish. Veneers that are lifting or damaged can be repaired or replaced.

If more extensive work is required we are highly experienced at more complex finishing, such as completely dismantling the various components and re-polishing the entire piano to a desired level of sheen.


How do you carry out repairs and restorations?

Piano pedal box showing perished finish before antique restorationDepending on the type of work and finish required, piano restoration work can be either carried out at your home, or we can arrange transport to move your piano to our workshop where we can carry out the work.

If you require a modern finish, we would transport your piano to our workshop, using one of our highly-trusted, local removal specialists.

If a French polish finish is required, there is the option to polish it at your home if perhaps access is difficult to remove your piano to our workshop. If so, we would hand finish your piano at your home, taking great care to cover and protect surrounding areas.


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