How to repair modern furniture and achieve modern wood finishes

Here we answer some commonly asked questions:


What is your approach to modern repairs at Bayleys?

We focus on repairing loose joints on tables and chairs or broken components. In our experience most damaged furniture can either be repaired or components replaced.

We know you want your newer furniture to last. So whether it's a scratched surface, loose joint or break, we work to restore modern furniture to make it look as good as new by making repairs and replacement parts and using the same wood finishes applied during manufacture.


Ercol Dining Table & ChairsHow can I achieve a modern wood finish?

Here at Bayleys we can provide you with an array of finishes, including numerous specialist lacquer finishes and high-gloss polishes. These provide durable surfaces for items such as dining tables, where a heat resistant finish is required or high wear expected. The wood finishes we use on modern furniture are the same that would have been applied during manufacture. Read more about our variety of wood finishes


Do you use lacquer-based finishes?

Yes. All of our modern wood finishes are lacquer-based, offering a clean and crisp finish that come in broad range of sheens - from a low sheen to a high gloss. An example of a lacquer-based finish would include the finish used on modern high-gloss kitchen units.

Most people might mistake lacquer-based finishes for a solid-colour painted surface. Pigments can be added to create different colours.


French Polishing of table topModern wood finish or French polish?

It's not that modern wood finishes and French polishing should be set against each other. Rather, what new and traditional finishes offer is choice - in terms of cost, wear and tear, and the look and feel you want to achieve.

It is worth noting: Most people would not be able to tell the difference between a French polish and a modern finish. That's because of the extremely high-standard of today's modern finishes. Read a fuller description of our French polishing service


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