Insurance restoration

We're here when you need us should disaster strike. That's whether you are making an individual claim, or if you're an insurance or disaster management company that needs our help with a customer's restoration claim.


Our insurance restoration service

Insurance repairs - Tea-caddy - accidental damaged restoredWe're able to help you cope with a range of eventualities, including:

• Water damage restoration
• Flood damage restoration
• Fire damage restoration
• Smoke damage restoration
• Accidental damage
• Removal damage


How we work

Our service is designed to help ease the process of an insurance claim. It includes the following:

• Dealing direct with insurers and loss adjusters - We're happy to deal directly with your
insurance company or loss adjuster to reduce the burden on you. We also work Insursnce repairs - Flood damage furniture restoreddirectly for insurance and disaster management companies.

• Help when accidents happen - Accidental and removal damage can happen. No doubt you'll want to resolve any issues quickly, so we offer a prompt and speedy service to return your items back to their pre-incident state. We can even deal directly with removal firms to settle payments for any damaged items.

• Knowledgeable and expert assessments - For your approval, we would inspect and fully assess any damage and the work required. For example, with water damage a common issue is the lifting of veneers and loose joints due to standing in water, which also causes the need to
re-polish these surfaces. Or, depending on the extent of fire damage, furniture may or may not
be salvaged. If burns are not too severe, items may be sanded and refinished, or new
components replacements made.

Providing reports & estimates• Prompt and detailed written estimates - Following our inspection and assessment, we would promptly provide a written estimate. These are designed to provide an in-depth explanation of the work and costs required to bring your items back to pre-incident condition. Estimates can be emailed direct to your insurers or loss adjuster for approval. Once an estimate is agreed we would confirm timescales with you and begin the required work.

• Help to move furniture - We can collect your items quickly and move them to our large workshop. This is so we get a head-start on the degradation caused by water or fire damage in particular. We would store items ready to start the required restoration.


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