How to restore antique furniture hardware

Here at Bayleys we can restore antique furniture hardware - from knobs to drawer pulls, locks and leather writing surfaces on desktops. We will use a range of techniques to help you breathe new life into your old items.


Examples of antique furniture hardware: Period keys

• Lock repairs and replacements - Locks will often require repair to enable an item of furniture to be fully functioning. Over the years we have amassed an extensive stock of period keys and matching locks. We can usually find a suitable match, or cut and fit keys to suit when required.


• Casting new fittings - If fittings are missing, severely damaged or badly worn, we are able to arrange for the casting of exact, solid-brass replicates, which uses a process called ‘lost-wax casting'. We would also age and colour replicates to blend with original fittings.



An antique furniture hardware restoration: Repairs to a Knights Armor

• Metal work repairs - From cleaning tarnished surfaces to silver soldering we are able to repair furniture metal work which might form part of an item's much-needed hardware restoration.


• Making new components - When replacing damaged or missing components we always use the most appropriate metal type or reclaimed period metal wherever possible.


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